Ana and Emma and the New Learning Environments team has worked with MGS Architects on several recent projects, including master plans for the University of Canberra and Monash University, and the new Year 7&8 Building at Xavier College.
The team’s deep experience in pedagogy and space, augmented by Ana’s architectural experience and Emma’s history as a teacher, has enriched our work, ensuring our projects challenge convention while supporting future pedagogies. Ana and Emma are fantastic listeners, able to draw together disparate views adroitly, aligning stakeholders throughout the process.  Working with NLE on projects of different scales and across the secondary and tertiary sectors has shown us the deep value of their work. Their contemporary pedagogical thinking is at the heart of our projects and resonates through the physical design.
We look forward to collaborating with the NLE team again in the future.

Elliet Spring


New Learning Environments were involved in the development of the design principles, learning spaces, furniture and pre-occupancy plans, and also conducted staff professional learning and focus groups, for Rainbow Street Public School’s major capital works program. Following occupation of our new learning environment I wanted to ensure that staff were supported in their understanding and effective use of the learning spaces. Over the last few years NLE has undertaken observations and sought feedback from staff. The observations focused on effective use of space including pedagogical practice within the space. Data was collected and collated by NLE and feedback sessions held with staff. Throughout the process I found Emma and Ana to not only be highly knowledgeable about how space impacts learning but they also understand the day-to-day operations of a ‘classroom’ so advice given is always practical. The collaborative nature of the process, conversations with them, advice provided, and their manner of engaging with staff, has led staff to be very open about their successes and challenges and enhanced staff’s ability to effectively use the learning environment whilst also building the collective efficacy of the team. I plan to continue our work with NLE to ensure best practice, build staff capacity and ensure optimal outcomes for our students.

Joann Sayers


The design of the hubs is outstanding. One of my biggest concerns about the new facilities was that the hubs would be too noisy. They are very quiet, even when they are at capacity! Teachers are able to teach in different locations about the hub without disturbing each other. Besides this the classrooms look amazing. Now that we have road tested the classrooms with live students I would have to rate the hubs as 10/10 for being supportive of learning. What is more the teachers are amazed at just how settled and focussed the students are despite their excitement at being in their fantastic new school, testament to the power of a well designed learning environment.


Bardia Public School NSW


NLE proudly served as Educational Space Planners on the following award winning projects:


2022 – The Hedberg Performing Arts Centre AIA Tasmanian Architecture Medal & the Alan C Walker Award for Public Architecture

2022 – University of Tasmania Cradle Coast Campus AIA Award for Educational Architecture Tasmania

2021 – University of Canberra ‘Educated Life’ Masterplan PIA ACT Award – Planning Excellence Strategic Planning

2018 – Bellevue Hill Public School NSW A4LE Best New Facility

2016 – Arts West University of Melbourne VIC – CEFPI Best New Facility

2014 – Sustainable Industries Education Centre SA – CEFPI Best New Facility

2012 – Gungahlin Senior College ACT CEFPI Best New Facility, Best Overall Facility  

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the unceded land on which we work and live.

For this we thank past, present and emerging Elders and Ancestral Spirits with gratitude and respect.